Welcome, to a world of certified organic
and natural products

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Welcome, to a world of certified organic
and natural products

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Certified Organic Hair Care

Do you want to have the healthiest hair possible?

NATULIQUE Professional and Certified Organic Hair Care products are loaded with certified organic ingredients that will make your hair look and feel incredible. You won’t find a better product on the market today.

Our products are made with love, and we know you will feel the difference in your hair when you use them. We guarantee it.

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Natural Hair Styling

Are you looking for a safe and natural way to style your hair?

NATULIQUE has the perfect solution – our new Natural Styling line. Our products are designed to give you a safe and natural way to style your hair, while using fewer chemicals.

With NATULIQUE Natural Styling, you can have healthy, beautiful hair without sacrificing performance. Our products are packed with natural and beneficial ingredients that will help keep your hair looking its best.

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To use as many certified organic ingredients in all of our products as possible.


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NATULIQUE represents excellent products with raw organic ingredients of unparalleled quality and superb functionality. We prove that fewer chemicals in hair beauty products give better results. Therefor are all our products certified organic 🌳

We as a company are dedicated to sustainability and minimizing our carbon footprint. We believe that sustainability should play a leading role in the professional salon industry and in your personal home. #thereisnoplanetB 🌍

Natural ingredients is one of the stepping stones for our company. Therefore are our products always made of at least 98% natural ingredients 🌿

All our organic hair care products are produced in Denmark and stored in our California warehouse located in the heart of Topanga🇺🇸

Are you ready to take care of your hair?

Say goodbye to harmful and chemical filled hair products and say hello to a world of hair care products produced to add natural and beneficial ingredients to your hair.

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What is NATULIQUE California?

It is with great pleasure that I am now able to introduce you to the NATULIQUE brand, with our history and our passion for sustainable and ethical products produced and designed for professional use only. Deeply rooted in our strong Scandinavian traditions, our company has been evolving and the NATULIQUE products are now available in countries on all continents around the globe.

With NATULIQUE, I shall take you on a world journey of cool and refined style, with raw organic ingredients of unparalleled quality and superb functionality that appeals to highly skilled and creative stylists and salon owners. NATULIQUE represents excellent products that are exclusively for professionals. NATULIQUE proves that less chemicals in professional hair beauty products give better results.

At NATULIQUE California, I work from a simple vision that demands the safest and cleanest possible ingredients to ensure the safest products within the professional hair care industry, with less chemicals and better functionality.

Quite obviously, I am proud to supply great products with certified organic and natural ingredients that benefit our clients. But what about the environment? What about nature? What about our future? More than ever in the history of mankind, humans have awoken to the responsibility that they have towards the environment which we all depend on for our existence. At NATULIQUE, everyone has pledged to fully embrace our corporate responsibility towards the environment in order to ensure a greener future for everyone.

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Roya Adjory, Owner NATULIQUE California

About Roya

I have been involved in the hair industry for over 3 decades. I founded the first Green Hair Salon in 2005 when my own health and the health of my mother and sister who I worked with started to decline. Education with me, emphasises not only the products and knowledge but also all the ways to take responsibility for our own wellbeing and the health of our one and only planet.