Blog – October 2nd, 2019

Roya,  the NATULIQUE California Distributor, has been advocating for a cleaner, more transparent beauty industry for quite some years. The cosmetics industry in the US is shockingly unregulated, with very little legal requirements with regards to ingredients, labels and product safety. Previously, Roya joined forces with a large group of activists and NGO’s in California, in order to pass a bill that requires manufacturers of professional salon products to disclose ingredients directly on the label. The California Governor finally authorized the bill in September last year, an enormous victory for all the activists and organizations involved. Last year´s bill was the first cosmetic law to pass in 70 years. But the fight continues, last month Roya travelled to Sacramento to lobby for a new law concerning the disclosure of fragrance and flavor ingredients in cosmetics. Read her story below. 

I met up with 60 others at State Capitol in Sacramento to lobby for a piece of legislation that is requiring a full disclosure of fragrance and flavor ingredients from the manufacturers of cosmetic products. This is my 3rd trip to Sacramento to participate in such an endeavor hoping and pushing for a level of transparency currently missing from our cosmetic industry. The proposed bill tackles the issue of the thousands of chemicals used under the label “fragrance” and “natural” flavor, a loophole in the federal government allowing manufacturers to get away with it and as a result expose all of us to unnecessary chemicals that are related to many health concerns. The bill would require manufacturers to report on hazardous or allergen fragrance or flavor ingredients. This is a a very important bill, not only because so many cosmetic products contain hazardous fragrance and flavor chemicals, but also because hairdressers and other beauty professionals are disproportionately exposed to these chemicals and thus more likely to develop related allergies.
The bill is sponsored by many organizations and green businesses including women’s voices for the earth , breast cancer prevention partners , and black women for wellness.

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On the Bill: Currently chemicals in cosmetic products that qualify as fragrance or natural flavor do not need to be disclosed, not on the label, but also not to customers, agencies or authorities. That means manufacturers can use a wide range of hazardous chemicals in their products without having to reveal which or take responsibility for it. Research by Women´s Voices for the Earth shows that over 3000 different chemicals are being used as fragrance or natural flavor and that approximately a third of these chemicals are considered as (potentially) hazardous. That means these chemicals can be linked to a variety of health issues, including cancer, reproductive issues, allergies and respiratory issues such as asthma. The proposed bill would require manufacturers to disclose on these chemicals in accordance with European Union Legislation on fragrance chemicals. The European Union´s Cosmetics regulation is considerably stricter than the US one. Being produced in Europe, NATULIQUE products conform to the strict EU regulations on chemicals in cosmetics.

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