Blog 25 October 2019

At NATULIQUE California we understand that your passion is doing hair, not sales. But retail can be a good and easy way to grow your salon business and take your hair consultancy to the next level. That’s we collected our best sales tips for you! Read and learn.


When hearing the word sales, many hair stylists and colorists think of pushy sales reps and deceiving deals. Well that´s not what we´re aiming for. Don´t see yourself as a pushy or shady salesperson but as the well-educated hair professional that you are. Clients trust you with their hair and health, so they clearly value you and your knowledge. Offering consultations on a care routine is what you were trained to do so don´t feel weird or awkward about it. Besides, in many cases better products will work out in your clients benefit. A drugstore shampoo is not going to maintain that gorgeous balayage they leave your salon with and that heat protector may just change their styling routine for the better. On top of that, more and more salon clients are looking for cleaner and safer beauty products or for vegan alternatives to their routine range, how great is it that you can offer them exactly that.


You don´t have to be a smooth salesperson to convince people of the value of the product. If you´re convinced of a products functionality and the integrity of a brand. Your passion will be reflected, and the products will sell themselves. Inform yourself about ingredients, a brand, certifications and the functionality of your products. If you educate your clients about the benefits of a product and brand and link this to their daily hair struggles, you are far more likely to convince them. The best part is that you don’t even have to dive into a long sales dialogue. Simply use the products when you wash or style a client’s hair and explain what you’re doing, why the product is so amazing and how it works wonders on their hair and your enthusiasm will do the rest.


Presenting and promoting your products is easy to do, a nice side project and will contribute to your retail turnover. Present your products nicely and have some brochures or flyers lying around for your clients to browse when waiting. Get in touch with your NATULIQUE Distributor Roya to enquire about ordering brochures, posters and read our latest blog on how you can make the interior and product display of your salon look even more attractive. Few rules of the thumb:

  • make sure your product shelves are clean and organized and not too full
  • leave a few testers of bestsellers on the shelve or at check out for clients to try
  • be creative with small decorations like candles and plants. Or place a photo stand with a card with product credentials next to your product.


Chances are you already have a website and pages on Social Media. These are great platforms to promote your products and brand in a casual informative way. Chances are your client would love to hear more about those vegan shampoos she spotted on your Instagram or hear about that life-saving dry shampoo you have. Social Media is also a a great platform for you to launch a special promotion. What about a product of the month with a discount or offering a discount voucher for the colour shield family with a colour treatment? On top of that, having an online store where the products are available can be a great way to build your business through product and expertise.


Sales may not be a hair professionals’ favorite activity, so don´t hesitate to ask for a bit of help. At NATULIQUE California we have multiple tools available to help you grow your retail. From flyers and posters to tips and suggested pricing. So get in touch with us! Really. Tell us what you need and ask us for tips.

We can currently offer:

  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Pictures (for online + offline use)
  • Sales sheets with extra product information
  • Banners and Posters

Besides, we´re not the only ones happy to help. We´re sure your tech savvy cousin would love to help you out with your online presence and no doubt your colleagues are happy to share their retail and sales tips with you.